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LEAVE THE CIRCUS “Mindless Mass” /Digital EP/

LEAVE THE CIRCUS “Mindless Mass” /Digital EP/
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Debut EP album by the Greek Melodic Death/Alternative Metal band.
A mix of Aggressive, Melodic and Heavy Metal music, combined all together in a perfect whole.
“Mindless Mass” is here deeply shaking the Metal world, making Leave The Circus totally visible on the Heavy Metal map.
Leave The Circus has the privilege consisting of musicians who are fond of many different kinds of Metal music. This gives band the chance of creating fresh, but not inaccessible for the ordinary listener music.
For fans of such bands as: Stone Sour, Hellyeah, Machine Head, Shadows Fall, Trivium, In Flames ...
Another Side Records, 2014 (ASR08-85/DT).

1. First Blood 01:31
2. Counter the Pain 03:09
3. Eradicate the Terror 04:20
4. Dreaming Lie 03:12
5. Mindless Mass 01:22
Total playing time: 13:34



Digital Release includes:
- album tracks in MP3 or WAV (select needed format);
- band bio in PDF;
- band photo;
- digital booklet in PDF.

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