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ADES NUMEN "War" /Ltd. CD/

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ADES NUMEN "War" /Ltd. CD/
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The debut full-length studio album by Italian Symphonic Death/Black Metal band.
The sound built around simple, but very direct rhythms, as well as classic Black/Death Metal riffs, composed in a modern way. The rhythms are very strong and often recall a certain Groove Metal, but with parts of classic blast-beats and fast double kick. The vocal parts are mainly classic growl, and a little bit of screams. The Symphonic parts in some places are only Ambient, to make the sound more homogeneous, however in other places are much present and Epic.
The themes dealt with in the lyrics are in a sense the various meanings, that can derive from "War": a real war, but also the inner war, that is present in the human being since the time of mythology. That's why some texts speak of the wickedness of the ancient deities ("Medusa" or "Breath of Phobetor"), up to the more inner, more personal war of each individual ("Revenge Doll" or "Destination Underworld").
Recommended for fans of Flashgod Apocalypse, Septicflesh and more!
Limited Edition features patch and magnet.
Another Side Records, 2019 (ASR25-156). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Primogenitus Ex Evil (Intro) 01:38
2. War 03:57
3. Destination Underworld 04:04
4. Rotten Blood 04:09
5. Breath of Phobetor 04:54
6. Revenge Doll 03:40
7. Medusa 04:00
8. Sin Son 05:47
9. Glory False 04:19
10. Ades Numen 05:33
Total playing time: 42:19



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