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TRANQUILLIZER 247 "Dziesięć" /Ltd. Digipack CD + Magnet/

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TRANQUILLIZER 247 "Dziesięć" /Ltd. Digipack CD + Magnet/
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TRANQUILLIZER 247 "Dziesięć" /Ltd. Digipack CD + Magnet/ TRANQUILLIZER 247 "Dziesięć" /Ltd. Digipack CD + Magnet/

RELEASE DATE: 11.10.2019

The debut full-length studio album by Polish Death Metal/Grindcore band.
A juicy blend of pure GrindCore and Death Metal music!
Ten tracks inspired by reality and sinked in the vapours of alcohol.
Hard party with observe the sickness of surrounding world.
Tranq's music addressed to all the fans of Grind/Gore Disco and Death Metal all over the world!
If you like bands like Cannibal Corpse or Gutalax, you definitely should buy this CD!!
Another Side Records, 2019 (ASR27-160). Made in EU.

Track list:
1. Revenge of the Pork 03:05
2. Dirty Marriage 02:13
3. Kristin 02:32
4. Crocodile 01:45
5. Anioły Zjadają Plon 02:50
6. Baal 05:51
7. Dysk-O 02:21
8. Walec 02:53
9. Friday 02:45
10. Pitbull 02:06
Total playing time: 28:29




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