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TANGORODREAM "Under The Foreveryoung Sky" /CD/

Our Realise
TANGORODREAM "Under The Foreveryoung Sky" /CD/
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The third full-length album by the Ukrainian Atmospheric Black Metal one man band.
Black Metal with a mystical atmosphere carrying the listener on the wings of the tragedies of distant worlds, under the ever-young heaven, where for a time follows its own path. Music inserts in various genres. Variety of vocals not inferior to concept of the album.
The album includes material composed at different periods of the project. It was recorded in the period from 2004 to 2006 and includes, in addition to new material, the track of the disappeared and never released previous album, as well as a few tracks from before debut album, "In The Name Of Ancient Faith", period, re -arranged in a new form in 2004.
Looking back, drawing inspiration from the basics, passing through seven years of existence, the band walks forward. 
Album contains 11 tracks, including a cover version of Enthroned, and 12-pages booklet.
Metal Scrap Production 2008, (MSP013/CD). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1.Castle Of Immortal Spirits 04:45
2.The Price Of Loyalty 06:35
3.Of Times 00:48
4.Aehelia - Wilderness Of Icy Flame 03:53
5.The Oath Of The Twelve Stars 04:19
6.Slavonian Sea 01:30
7.Last Dance Of Warrior 04:07
8.Tomb Of Stillborn to Nora 05:53
9.Renewal By Darkside 05:35
10.Throne Of Purgatory 03:37
11.Outro: Cemetery In The Heart 03:43
Total playing time: 44:50



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