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ABYSS ANGEL 'Everlasting Breath Of Freedom'' /MC/

Our Realise
ABYSS ANGEL 'Everlasting Breath Of Freedom'' /MC/
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The first and only official release by Russian Death/Doom Metal band.
After their more Death Metal debut with "Obsecrations Of The Last Days" demo, released by Monstrocity Productions in 1997, band returns with new sound on their second release. 50 min. of Mystical Art Poliphony with attractive incessant keyboards, killing double bass guitars (no guitars!) and conceptual lyrics.
Album presented in two versions - in English (Side A) and Russian (Side B) lyrics, and high quality sound.
Cassette comes with first time for label full-colour printed cover.
Metal Scrap Production, 1999 (MSP011). Made in Ukraine. Printed in Russia.

Side A:
1. Everlasting Breath Of Freedom

Side B:
2. Непрерывный Вдох Свободы
Total playing time: 50:58


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