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VA ''Evillive'' Metal Scrap compilation #3 /MC/

Our Realise
VA ''Evillive'' Metal Scrap compilation #3 /MC/
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The third compilation from Metal Scrap Production.
This international compilation features such cult Underground bands: Ens Cogitans, Sick Of Society, Apostate, Infected, Upure, The Bleeding, Bestialit, Romantic, Melancholy Pessimism, Biatron, Crystal Darkness, Hitler, Elisian Fields, Fatal Epitaph, Kelpy's Laugh, All Dies, Euphoria, and Toxic Death.
This rare tape is impossible to find nowadays.
Cover sleeve includes track listing and bands info.
Metal Scrap Production, 1996 (MSP005). Made in Ukraine.

1. ENS COGITANS - The Spiral (Of Development)
2. SICK OF SOCIETY - Fall In Love / Love
3. APOSTATE - A Song Of The Dead Lake
4. INFECTED - Female Defection
5. UNPURE - Surrended By Darkness
6. THE BLEEDING - Don't Ride The Horse
7. BESTIALIT - Fuckland
8. ROMANTIC - Sad Caravan
9. MELANCHOLY - Pessimism
Total playing time: 46:29

1. BIATRON - Hot Metal
2. CRYSTAL DARKNESS - Voyage Of Imagination
3. HITLER - Bloody Clean-Up
4. ELISIAN FIELDS - Father Forgive Them (For They Do Not Know)
5. FATAL EPITAPH - Silence Of Graves
6. KELPY'S LAUGH - Seven Son Of Ottar
7. ALL DIES - Time Passes
8. EUPHORIA - Black Demon Of The Moon
9. TOXIC DEATH - Warpainted
Total playing time: 45:38

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