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VA ''Thursday 13'' Metal Scrap compilation #1 /MC/

Our Realise
VA ''Thursday 13'' Metal Scrap compilation #1 /MC/
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First audio release from Metal Scrap Production!
This rare tape impossible to find nowadays.
Compilation features cult post-Soviet bands (Реаниматор, Extinction, Rejectee Party, Vim Patior, Gods Tower, Brainstorm, Бронепоезд 14-64, Трупный Яд, Deathonator, Dismal Insanity, Bowels, Romantic), as well as one Italian band (Homicide).
Cover sleeve includes track listing and bands info.
Metal Scrap Production, 1995 (MSP001). Made in Ukraine.

Side A:
2. EXTINCTION - Life Inside The Tomb
3. REJECTEE PARTY - Do You Want To Try?
5. GODS TOWER - Reign Of Silence
6. BRAINSTORM - Lords...
Total playing time: 30:08

Side B:
1. БРОНЕПОЕЗД 14-69 - Твердые Деньги
2. ТРУПНЫЙ ЯД - Железный Рок-н-ролл
3. HOMICIDE - Shadowed Truth
4. DEATHONATOR - Traces Of Blood
5. DISMAL INSANITY - So, I've gOT This
6. BOWELS - Primitive Existence
7. ROMANTIC - Intro (They Come)
Total playing time: 29:59


Price: 4.09 €
Not available