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KISS “Gold” /DVD/

KISS “Gold” /DVD/
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The second DVD by the legendary American Glam/Hard Rock band.
With so many Kiss compilations released over the years (with many containing very similar track listings), is it really necessary to release another one? In Kiss' case, you can never have enough! This collection will perk the interest of longtime fans, as contains the first ever DVD release of Kiss "Exposed", which was originally issued on video back in 1987. While the DVD does contain quite a few great live performances from back in the '70s, the cheesy dialogue and attempts at being funny fall flat. After a while, it gets a bit painful having to wade through the junk to get to the live clips. But this best-of is arguably the best and most thorough Kiss compilation assembled yet, as it spans from 1974 through 1982; all the expected classics are here, that makes the DVD so appealing. Will this be the last Kiss compilation to surface? Probably not, but you have to hand it to the kings of merchandising: it's a keeper!!
DVD 5 | Dolby Surround 5.1 & Dolby Digital 2.0 | NTSC | 0 | 4:3 | 90 min. approx. | English.
Eagle Vision/Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd., 2004. Russian bootleg.

1. Introduction
2. Who Wants To Be Lonely (Video 86)
3. Caroling
4. Uh! All Night (Video 86)
5. Breakfast With Kiss
6. I Love It Loud (Live Rio De Janeiro 83)
7. Kiss Archive
8. Deuce (Live San Francisco 75)
9. Strutter (Live Detroit 76)
10. Ace Frehley Solo
11. Beth (Live Houston 77)
12. Detroit Rock City (Live Australia 80)
13. Kiss Fantasy
14. Taers Are Falling (Video 85)
15. Casting Call
16. Lick It Up (Video 83)
17. Fate Forms Kiss
18. All Hell's Breakin' Loose (Video 84)
19. Public Service Announcement
20. I Love It Loud (Video 82)
21. Makin It Louder
22. I Stole Your Love (Live Houston 77)
23. More Carols
24. Heavens On Fire (Video 84)
25. Its About Girls
26. Ladies Room (Live Houston 77)
27. The Paul Stanley Workout
28. Rock And Roll All Nite (Live Australia 80)

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