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ACCEPT “Metal Blast From The Past” /DVD/

ACCEPT “Metal Blast From The Past” /DVD/
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Re-release of the first DVD by the legendary German Heavy Metal band.
This killer DVD comprised of a show from Japan in 1985, 7 promo videos and three live tracks from Bulgarian TV in '93!!
"Metal Blast From The Past" is a bunch of Accept goodies that cover the band's career. The main feature is the live gig/documentary in Osaka in 1985, and released in video format under the name "Staying A Life" in 1990. This is a very good live concert in Dolby Digital 2.0 audio format, with many great Accept songs (especially from the "Metal Heart" album), intersected abruptly by some narrative, three video clips, and footage of the band fooling around. Another important part of this DVD is the seven Accept video clips. There is also some footage in Sophia in 1993 where the band performed "Slaves To Metal", "Objection Overruled" and "Bulletproof". This is a 16 minutes live concert broadcasted by Bulgarian TV. Note that they erroneously wrote "Starlight" on the back cover instead of "Bulletproof". "Behind the scenes" is a 3 minutes section where we can watch the life on the road, video-shots of soundchecks and small interviews. This is interesting but a bit too short. "Photo gallery" is 26 very good shots taken from photo sessions throughout the band's career. There is also an excellent 22 pages biography of the band from the very beginning to the end. The discography is very complete and extremely well done with full screen cover and lyrics of all songs where you can listen to 2 songs of very long samples of every album ever released! Highly impressive! The "Audio selection" contains 30 tracks you can listen to, also included in the discography section.
There is a lot of stuff on this release and since it's the only Accept DVD available to this day, this is your only chance to see the band digitally on the screen. This DVD is mandatory for an Accept freaks and to the Headbangers who wants the complete score officially released on video by this great German Metal band! This is an incredible visual and audio document of the German institution that may be gone but is certainly not forgotten!!
Drakkar Entertainment GmbH/Breeze Music GmbH, 2002/2003 (74321 940359). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. Metal Heart
2. Breaker
3. Screamin For A Love Bite
4. Up To The Limit
5. Living For Tonite
6. Princess Of The Dawn
7. Restless And Wild
8. Son Of A Bitch
9. London Leatherboys
10. Fast As A Shark
11. Balls To The Walls
12. Outro (Bound To Fail)
13. I´m A Rebel
14. Balls To The Walls
15. Midnight Mover
16. Generation Clash
17. Protectors Of Terror
18. Slaves To Metal
19. Death Row
20. Starlight
21. Slaves To Metal
22. Objection Overruled

1-12 Live Video Osaka 1985
13-19 Videoclips
20-22 Live-concert of the "SPECIAL EVENT TOUR 93" broadcast by Bulgarian T.V.

Behind The Scenes

Photo Gallery



Audio Selection


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