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MANOWAR “Fire And Blood: Hell On Earth, Part II + Blood In Brazil” /Slipcase 2DVD/

MANOWAR “Fire And Blood: Hell On Earth, Part II + Blood In Brazil” /Slipcase 2DVD/
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Re-release of the second DVD by the legendary American Epic Heavy/Power Metal band.
Heavy Metal band Manowar, which was formed from the ashes of the cult Punk band The Dictators, offers up both a documentary and a concert film on the title "Fire and Blood".
The first DVD is a documentary that features part 2 of the series "Hell On Earth". With almost two hours of running time "Hell on Earth, Part 2" documents the 1998 Hell On Stage European Tour with almost 30 shows.
The second DVD, "Blood In Brazil" is their live performance at the Philips Monsters Of Rock in São Paulo, Brazil on September 26, 1998. This was the first a complete concert performance captured in the band's career.
The power and glory of Metals purest warriors has been captured with awe inspiring results. If you love Manowar buy this DVD now!! If you don’t love Manowar buy it anyway!!! If it doesn't impress you - your dead inside…
DVD 9 | Dolby Surround 5.1; 2.0 | PAL 4:3 | All | German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish | DVD1: 130 min. approx.; DVD2: 145 min. approx.
SPV/Soyuz Music/Moon DVD, 2002/2006 (SPV 2 DVD 556-71487). Made in Russia.

DVD 1:
1. This Is Heavy Metal
2. Blood Of The Kings
3. France
4. Voulez Vous
5. Belgium
6. Bridge Of Death
7. Switzerland
8. Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)
9. Germany Part I
10. Hatred
11. Germany Part II
12. March For Revenge
13. Germany Part III
14. The Gods Made Heavy Metal
15. Czech Republic
16. Army Of The Immortals
17. Austria
18. Hungary
19. Master Of The Wind
20. Portugal
21. Dark Avenger
22. Spain
23. Battle Hymns
24. The Crown And The Ring

25. Thor [Full Version - Murcia, Spain]
26. Courage [French Version]
27. Cutting Room Floor
28. Band Members

DVD 2:
1. Manowar
2. Metal Daze
3. Blood Of My Enemies
4. Kill With Power
5. Sign Of The Hammer
6. Gates Of Valhalla
7. Sting Of The Bumblebee
8. The Gods Made Heavy Metal
9. Metal Warriors
10. Kings Of Metal
11. The Power
12. Hail And Kill
13. Black Wind, Fire And Steel
14. The Crown And The Ring
15. Sign Of The Hammer

16. Full Interview With Jeff Hair And John "Dawk" Stilwell
17. Full Interview With Vincent Cecolini
18. Warriors Of The World United
19. House Of Death
20. Monsters Of Rock Concert Review
21. Band Members

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