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Leather Jacket /Jacket/

Leather Jacket /Jacket/
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Leather Jacket /Jacket/ Leather Jacket /Jacket/ Leather Jacket /Jacket/ Leather Jacket /Jacket/ Leather Jacket /Jacket/

Luxury leather jacket from Brixton brand. 100% original product.
This jacket, known as the "jackknife", is made of high quality cowhide, so you can wear it almost all year round!
Zippers, buttons and other accessories are silver in color and made of metal.
The jacket has three outside zip pockets and one little pocket on button for lighter.
Inside you will find two pockets, one of which is skillfully made with a zip.
The jacket also has a leather belt with metal buckle.
The shoulders are stores that allow movement.
The sleeves are neatly finished with metal zippers.
Brixton. Made in USA.

Length: 68cm
Chest: 65 cm
Sleeve Length: 54cm

Price: 239.00 €
Weight: 3 Kg

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