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PANTERA / POISON IDEA “Badge” /Split 7” EP/

PANTERA / POISON IDEA “Badge” /Split 7” EP/
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PANTERA / POISON IDEA “Badge” /Split 7” EP/ PANTERA / POISON IDEA “Badge” /Split 7” EP/

The soundtrack by legendary American Groove Metal band & the original version of the same song by American Hardcore/Punk band.
Poison Idea was a band formed in Portland, Oregon in 1980. "The Badge" appeared on their 1990 album, "Feel The Darkness." The song was covered by legendary Pantera for the 1994 soundtrack to "The Crow" movie. EP features original Poison Idea version and Pantera's version of "Badge" song!
Limited Edition Record Store Day purple vinyl!!
Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company, 1990/1994/2014 (7-541926(K1) / RSD14PPI). Made in USA. First press.

1. The Badge

2. The Badge

Price: 11.90 €
Weight: 0.5 Kg