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AT WAR “Infidel /GLP/

AT WAR “Infidel /GLP/
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Third full-length album by American Speed/Thrash Metal band.
At War was an Virginia-based Thrash Metal band mainly known for their debut album, "Ordered To Kill". It was released in year 1986 and they played a Thrash style much influenced by Motorhead and Venom. After two years' time they unleashed another full-length, "Retaliatory Strike".
Now At War are back to take care of unfinished business! Thawed from their cryogenic slumber and determined to put the brute force back in Speed Metal, At War are back with their most brutal and uncompromising album to date. Their influences and style remain the same. They are still close to Motorhead and Venom, only now the touch of the second band comes from the "Cast In Stone"-and-after period. This is it, influence modernization. Inside these nine songs we have gunpowder from battlefields, bombs and bullets in a Thrash way that will hardly leave pathetic feelings to any genre's friend and not only the older of the band's admirers.
With its ugly bursts of soloing and no-frills song writing, At War's "Infidel" is like a hardened Vietnam vets living off his war nightmares. "Infidel" is an ugly album that's sunk in the mud sounding like its closest comparisons (Slayer, early Metallica, Sodom, and Destruction), which gives it that oft attempted retro varnish. This is a strong comeback from a bunch of guys who've been dormant for 20 years!!
Heavy Artillery Records, 2009 (HA5-5009-1-3). Made in USA. First press. Used: very good.

Side A:
1. Assassins     03:24
2. Semper Fi     03:48
3. Make Your Move     03:11
4. At War     03:50
5. Want You Dead     03:51

Side B:
6. R.A.F.     04:38
7. Deceit     03:58
8. Vengeful Eyes     03:54
9. Rapechase     03:44
Total playing time: 34:18


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