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Compilation of remixes and few unreleased tracks by Canadian Electro-Industrial/Metal band.
Following the release of 2006's quite stunning reclamation album "Artificial Soldier", FLA strike back with "Fallout", set to stun dancefloors worldwide.
Initially announced as an EP, it is a collection of nine remixes and three previously unreleased tracks by both the band themselves and other acts, including CombiChrist, Portion Control, Covenant, Rhys Fulber and Greg Reely, as well as a few additional new tracks.
According to Jeremy Inkel, "Electric Dreams" and "Unconscious" are songs that were originally meant for the "Artificial Soldier" album, but left unfinished until after.
This is a quality assured collection of dancefloor assaults and mind blowing musical sequences that no self respecting FLA/Electro fan can ignore!
Metropolis Records/Soyuz Music, 2007 (MET 483). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. Unleashed (Mindless Mix by Sebastian R. Komor)
2. Buried Alive (DJ Acucrack Mix by Jason Novak)
3. Beneath The Rubble (Combichrist Mix)
4. Electric Dreams
5. Armageddon
6. Social Enemy (Anti-Social Mix by Jeremy Inkel)
7. Lowlife (Remix by Portion Control)
8. Humanity (Kearley Edit Remix by Dan Kearley)
9. Reprobate (Lowlife Remixed by Greg Reely)
10. Domination (Unleashed)
11. The Storm (Covenant Mix)
12. Unconscious


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