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DAMAGE CONTROL "Damage Control" /CD/

DAMAGE CONTROL "Damage Control" /CD/
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Debut full-length album by the British Hard Rock band.
Damage Control is a new supergroup formed by guitarist Robin George (Magnum, The Byron Band) and bassist Pete Way (UFO, Ozzy Osbourne). They later recruited former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC, Uriah Heep, Asia) and Quireboys singer Spike to complete the line-up. Singer Spike joined late in the process when most songs already were written, but he fits the band perfectly. Spike also co-wrote two songs and album opener "Dead Man Walking" is not surprisingly among them.
Damage Control is pure Rock with a couple of expressive ballads. More Bluesy than Metal, a slightly heavier sounding than Black Crowes. Very melodic in places with some excellent guitar work in there as well. Spike's voice just screams Rock N' Roll, which is underlined by Pete Way's distinctive style in song writing. Robin George has his own characteristic guitar sound - just listen to "Raw", which is permeated by his distorted sound. Chris Slade is a solid backbone to the band and together the four individuals are a perfect match.
The album is consistent with several highlights; the moody "Alice" really emphasizes Robin George characteristic so-called high tech AOR sound. George uses lots of fuzz and distortion, which provides "Alice" with a melancholic atmosphere. "Selfish" continues the moody ballad style. The lyrics are haunting and Robin George's Bluesy playing stirred up with Spike's hoarse voice makes this a unique song. Spike is a singer of god’s grace and he makes this Robin George penned track his own by putting tons of emotion into the vocals. The title track is a pure rocker that changes mood for the excellent chorus. Pete Way and Robin George might be old dogs in the Rock N' Roll game, but they are not burned out and still got lots of ideas.
The album balances perfect between rockers, ballads and a couple of Bluesy tracks. As usual Pete Way pens great songs and his collaboration with Robin George is fruitful. Spike is a top dollar vocalist that really treats these well crafted songs with respect but also adds lots of personal flavor to the songs.
Highly recommendable!!
Cargo Records, 2007 (DCM-20071). Used: like new.

1. Dead Man Walking 4:28
2. Savage Song 4:29
3. Alice 3:58
4. Selfish 5:41
5. C'mon Down 4:42
6. Damage Control 5:08
7. Victim 5:05
8. Raw 4:05
9. One Step Closer 6:40
10. Redundant 5:16
11. Seven Golden Daffodils 4:01
12. Bitching Blues 5:22
Total playing time: 58:55


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