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MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND "Happy Halloween Live" /Split CD; Live/

MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND "Happy Halloween Live" /Split CD; Live/
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Very rare collection of live recordings from the two legendary Danish Heavy Metal bands!
This is unofficial CD that contains 10 songs by MERCYFUL FATE recorded live at two shows in Holland & USA, as well as 4 songs by KING DIAMOND recorded live at two shows in USA '87 and Brasil '96.   
The MERCYFUL FATE part features 5 songs of live in Hilversum, NL 20-01-1984 and 6 songs of live in Portland, OR 20-10-1984.
KING DIAMOND part features 2 songs of live at Vest Hartford Ballroom, Hartford, CT 7-09-1987 and 2 songs of live in Brazil at Aeroanta, Curitiba, 22-08-1996.
Bootleg, 2012. Made in USA. Used: good.


Live: In Hilversum 20-1-1984
1. Black Masses
2. Curse Of The Pharaos
3. Evil
4. Gypsy
5. Into The Coven
Live: Portland Or 20-10-1984
6. Intro/Oath
7. Doomed By The Living Dead
8. Curse Of The Pharoahs
9. Come To The Sabbath
10. Satans Fall
11. Dangerous Meeting

Live: At Vest Hartford Ballroom,Hartford CT 7-09-1987
12. The 7th Day Of July 1777
13. Halloween
Live: In Brazil Aeroanta Curitiba 22-08-1996
14. From The Other Side
15. The Trial

Tracks 1-5 taken from LP "Hilversum, 20.1.1984"
Tracks 6-11 taken from LP "Black Funeral...Black Rose" (Live in Portland OR, 20.10.1984)
Tracks 12+13 taken from Pic-7" EP "King Fucking Diamond" (Live at West Hartford Ballroom, Hartford CT 07.09.1987)
Tracks 14+15 taken from 7" EP "It Is The Devil I See" (Live in Brazil, Aeroanta Curitiba 22.08.1996)


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