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MACTÄTUS “The Complex Bewitchment” /CD/

MACTÄTUS “The Complex Bewitchment” /CD/
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The third full-length album by Norwegian Black Metal band.
Talented and intelligent, Mactätus prove more than capable in producing beautifully orchestrated music. Pushing the envelope, they merge over the top keyboards with a straightforward IX Equilibrium sound, all the while retaining an Underground sharpness, sorely missed in Mainstream Metal.
The album is littered with brutal vocals, tight drumming, mid-paced guitar heroics, and near perfect synths. These guys are the poster boys for the "How to..." Black Metal kits. Not to say that Mactätus is mediocre or unoriginal (indeed they are very professional and well versed in Black Metal) but just super polished. This can make the album flat at times, as song structures cling tight, often unmovable. "Speak the Word of the Winds" breaks the mold with a crafty, wry use of sampling and Gehenna guitar crunch, while the battle ready "Dance of Might" weaves a whimsical spell, not to be missed, which closes "The Complex Bewitchment".
Not as monumental as their previous effort, "Provenance Of Cruelty", Mactätus continues to build upon a foundation, which should help keep them afloat in that big, white love boat, known as Black Metal.
Spurk, 200 (M - 316). Made in Russia. Bootleg. Used: good.

1. Ornament Of Pettiness 4:19
2. Another Dimension 4:02
3. The Passage (To The Kingdom Of No Return) 4:56
4. Speak The Word Of The Winds 5:29
5. With Excellence... 4:11
6. Iron Handed 5:07
7. Complexity In Vain 5:01
8. Dance Of Might 5:12
Total playing time: 38:17

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