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INSTORM "Madness Inside" /Pit-Art CD/

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INSTORM "Madness Inside" /Pit-Art CD/
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INSTORM "Madness Inside" /Pit-Art CD/ INSTORM "Madness Inside" /Pit-Art CD/

Debut full-length album of Russian Melodic Death Metal band.
The powerful energy that combines dynamic riffs, bright catchy melodies, high-speed solos, passages in the classical style and extreme expressive vocals that best conveys the meaning of the songs.
The lyrics tell the story of inner feelings, loneliness, fear, alienation and madness. From the first track the listener begins to travel through deep sides of the human soul, so different and similar at the same time.
The limited collector's edition with the pit-art!
Recommended for fans of: Kalmah, Wintersun, and all fans of Melodic Death Metal!!
Total Metal Records, 2013 (TMR015-58). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Escape from the Cellar 00:44
2. Written with Blood 04:48
3. Invisible 03:59 
4. Silent Hate 04:18 
5. It in the Well 04:20
6. The Rage in Your Blood 03:59 
7. Phobia 04:15
8. Lake of Shadows 04:01
9. The Withering 04:43
Total playing time: 35:14



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