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KREATOR "Enemy Of God" /CD/

KREATOR "Enemy Of God" /CD/
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The eleventh full-length album by the German Thrash Metal legend.
Kreator has returned with yet another classic album! Following an extended period of Gothic and Industrial influences, “Violent Revolution” brought Kreator back into the realm of Thrash, leaving “Enemy of God” to carry forward its legacy. The Gothenburg influences of the band's previous album “Violent Revolution” became more prominent on this album. This is a very modern sounding album. The guitars are thick and crunchy, the bass inaudible, and the drums full and booming. The sound lacks character, with the kick drums thumping away like on every other modern metal album and the whole affair sounding perhaps a little sterile, but what the production sacrifices in identity it more than makes up for in its ability to capture the violence that is Kreator with precision and clarity. Millie Petrozza retains his fury from the bands infantile days, determinedly pissed off with the world, society and religion. His vocal is great!
“Enemy of God” definitely has the caliber to stand the test of time. It’s the perfect marriage of old school Thrash sensibilities with modern Metal stylings. This is an album for any fan of Kreator or Thrash Metal in general!
Steamhammer/SPV, 2005 (SPV 085-69842 CD-E). Made in Germany.

1. Enemy of God 05:43
2. Impossible Brutality 04:31
3. Suicide Terrorist 03:29
4. World Anarchy 03:55
5. Dystopia 03:41
6. Voices of the Dead 04:33
7. Murder Fantasies 04:50
8. When Death Takes Its Dominion 05:39
9. One Evil Comes (A Million Follow) 03:20
10. Dying Race Apocalypse 04:41
11. Under a Total Blackened Sky 04:28
12. The Ancient Plague 06:58
Total playing time: 55:48

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