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АРКОНА Лепта” /CD/

АРКОНА Лепта” /CD/
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Second album, 2004 from one of the most important Russian Folk Pagan Metal bands. Another solid, if unspectacular album, from a band still on the ascendancy at this point.
For the rest “Lepta” is one hundred percent typical Arkona fashion, fast-paced metal not sparing of blastbeats laced with flutes, piano, accordion and who-knows-exactly-what-else. But in spite of featuring lots of non-metal instruments and relying heavily on keyboards, Arkona’s strength has always been in keeping the metal at the front of the scene.
"Chernye Debri Voiny" is dedicated to victims of terrorism in Russia. "Oi, to ne vecher..." is a Russian folk song.
Sound Age Productions, 2004 (SAPCD 050). Light shabby on the disc surface.
1.Sotkany Veka (The Ages are Woven) 04:13
2.Lepta o Gneve (Contribution to Rage) 05:25
3.Chernye Debri Voiny (Black Thickets of War) 04:27
4.Zarnicy Nashei Svobody (Dawns of Our Freedom) 05:40
5.Vyidu ya na Volushky (I'll go to the Free Meadow) 03:37
6.Voin Pravdy (Warrior of Truth) 05:48
7.Marena 07:23
8.Epilog 01:51
9.Oi, to ne Vecher... 03:12
Total playing time: 41:36
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