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АРКОНА “Во Славу Великим” /CD/

АРКОНА “Во Славу Великим” /CD/
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Third studio full-length by legendary Russian Folk/Pagan band ARKONA. In this album band replace all synthesizers by live instruments and invite famous session folk-musicians from: Mevent, Svarga and Alkonost. This work would actually be progressive in term of complex structures, encounter of different styles, musical research, and slightly emergent insanity. Viking-influenced power metal which could stand the comparison with Ensiferum, polka moments a la Finntroll or Korpiklaani backed by accordion, flute and tambourine, more slowed down epic parts with occasional orchestrations, without forgetting the punctual blastbeats and the slight black metal touch – you’ll find all these elements and many more…
Sound Age Productions, 2005 (SAPCD 064)
1.Интро (Коломыйка) / Intro (Kolymiyka) 01:31
2.Сквозь Туман Веков / Through the Mist of Ages 05:11
3.Русь Изначальная / Ancient Rus 05:42
4.Во Славу Великим! / For the Glory of The Great Ones 05:36
5.По Сырой Земле / On the Damp Earth 07:34
6.Туман Яром 02:51
7.Зов Битвы / Call of Battle 04:07
8.Веды Прошлого / Vedas of the Past 05:21
9.Великдень 00:56
10.Гнев Времен / Rage of Times 05:10
11.На Свароговой Дороге / On Svarog's Road 05:06
12.Выйди, Выйди Иванку... 01:12
13.Восстание Рода / Rebellion of Rod 05:27
14.Сила Славных / Power of the Mighty Ones 05:32
Total plaing time: 01:01:16
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