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TIAMAT "Prey" /CD/

TIAMAT "Prey" /CD/
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The 8th studio album by Swedish Gothic Metal band.
Another step in Tiamat's musical progression. The band started out as a Black Metal band calling themselves Treblanka. They soon changed their name to Tiamat and started playing Death Metal with some mideastern influences. Soon they would release the “WildHoney” CD that would introduce fans to their Atmospheric Metal phase. They would then go into a Gothic Metal phase with their "Skeleton Skeletron" release. With the release of "Prey" the band is once again returning to their Atmospheric roots.
“Prey” is Tiamat's best album since the legendary “Wildhoney” already originating from 1994. And this when both albums aren't comparable at all. The album starts off the same way that Wildhoney did, with the birds chirping and singing. That's where "Prey" takes a complete turn from "Wildhoney." Whereas "Wildhoney" was heavy and loud, "Prey" is incredibly soft and soothing. Tiamat once again show one of their many faces.
Century Media Records/Fono Records, 2003/2004 (FO320CD)

1.Cain 05:25
2.Ten Thousand Tentacles 01:35
3.Wings of Heaven 04:32
4.Love in Chains 04:24
5.Divided 05:19
6.Carry Your Cross and I'll Carry Mine 04:37
7.Triple Cross 01:21
8.Light in Extension 04:47
9.Prey 03:32
10.The Garden of Heathen 01:25
11.Clovenhoof 04:55
12.Nihil 06:10
13.The Pentagram 09:53
Total playing time: 57:55


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