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TIAMAT "The Astral Sleep" /CD/

TIAMAT "The Astral Sleep" /CD/
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Second full-length album by Swedish Doom/Death veterans.
This transitional release saw the introduction of atmosphere into the Tiamat sound while they were still a guitar-driven band, playing heavily on acoustics and keyboards while setting a dark mood of impending doom. No longer had a black metal band, Tiamat set out to conquer the world on the strength of their musical merits. The second record from what has quickly become Century Media's best-selling band.
Century Media Records/Fono Records, 1991/2004 (FO197CD)

1.Neo Aeon (Intro) 02:09
2.Lady Temptress 03:44
3.Mountain of Doom 04:37
4.Dead Boys' Choir 01:53
5.Sumerian Cry (Part III) 05:16
6.On Golden Wings 04:59
7.Ancient Entity 06:17
8.The Southernmost Voyage 03:12
9.Angels Far Beyond 04:42
10.I Am the King (of Dreams) 04:34
11.A Winter Shadow 05:24
12.The Seal (Outro) 01:53
Total playing time: 48:40


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