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АРИЯ “Армагеддон” /CD/

АРИЯ “Армагеддон” /CD/
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The tenth full-length album by legendary Russian Heavy Metal band.
Best work of the band for the last ten years, in the spirit of the classic works of the "pillars" of Russian Metal scene! Great stuff, traditional hits and expressive ballad!
Someone probably remember a time when Aria a little turned the world by staging a small armageddon in the Soviet Union... Now they are perceived as a dinosaur, standing at the top of the Metallic Olympus of Russia, and the album of this dinosaur is worth to buy to your collection!
These musicians are young at their hearts, do not hesitate a second! They are beyond compare. They did not look back on that and expect nothing. They write music that has long been a part of them. They firmly go ahead and win the battle!! And they are willing to arrange another Armageddon!!!
CD-Maximum/Moon Records, 2006 (MR 1789-2). Made in Ukraine. Used: very good.

1. Последний закат     05:00
2. Меченый злом     06:05
3. Страж империи     04:43
4. Новый крестовый поход     04:53
5. Мессия     04:38
6. Кровь королей     09:00
7. Викинг     05:48
8. Чужой     05:03
9. Свет былой любви     04:18
10. Твой день     05:19
Total playing time: 54:47

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