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АРИЯ “С Кем Ты?” /CD/

АРИЯ “С Кем Ты?” /CD/
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Re-release of the eighth full-length album by legendary Russian Heavy Metal band.
This is where Aria really starts developing into a unit capable of delivering good songs. Not that "Megalomania" was a bad album, but you could tell that they had not entirely gelled as a band. Here, however, you have tighter performances and a bit more original sound. They hadn't yet descended to Maiden worship yet, so here it's basically a cross between Priest's "British Steel" and the Scorpions' "Love At First Sting"; really catchy, driving riffs, good guitar solos, and soaring vocals! In fact, Valerii Kipelov reminds a bit of Klaus Meine. Still, it's very impressive to hear Granovsky tear it up on his bass, as he is a much overlooked bass player, easily the Cliff Burton of the Russian scene.
Originally album was self-released by band on tape, in 1986, and re-released on CD in1994 by Moroz Records. It is the last Aria album to feature Alik Granovsky and Andrey Bolshakov, who composed most of the music on it.
This is a real gem-album, and certainly an enjoyable one!!
Moroz Records/JRC, 1986/1994/1999 (JRC 00169-99). Made in Ukraine. Used: very good.

1. Воля и разум     04:34
2. Встань, страх преодолей     04:16
3. Здесь куют металл     04:43
4. С кем ты?     04:43
5. Без тебя     04:25
6. Память о...     02:49
7. Икар     04:14
8. Игры не для нас     05:48
Total playing time: 35:32

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