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BON JOVI “What About Now” /Special Edition Digisleeve CD/

BON JOVI “What About Now” /Special Edition Digisleeve CD/
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The twelfth full-length album by legendary American Melodic Rock/Hard Rock band.
The day is finally here! Bon Jovi are back! This year the living legends return with "What About Now", 12 tracks of booming stadium Rock to suit any need!
When you speak of one of the most successful bands to have ever come out from the 80?s and definitely one of the best artists from the state of New Jersey, look no further and focus on one name - Bon Jovi. “What About Now” is an improvement in certain aspects of their last two previous efforts. However, Bon Jovi rarely fails in leaving an impression, whether it is good or bad. A lot of music critics frankly dislike his brand of music for one reason or another, but more loyal fans simply love the guy. There is a certain appeal about him that has won over millions of music lovers to his side. So, it is like trying to decide whose vote matters more when it comes to his music. All the hundreds of thousands who would fill up the stadiums all over the States and in other countries over the last three decades can’t all be wrong. They see something in him that they can relate to. Perhaps, it is because he does feel like a blue-collar type of guy, somebody who represents everyone. In this album, he sings about matters of the heart, the recession in the economy, the shortcomings of the media, and even political things in nature. Socially aware, politically correct, and with a conscious effort to try to continually reach out to both old and new listeners with subjects he knows they can relate to–that is the winning formula that Bon Jovi has clearly mastered with fans.
The album is promoted throughout the band's 2013–2014 “Because We Can: The Tour”. It’s debuted at #1 in the U.S., where it sold 101,000 copies in its first week debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200. “What About Now”” became their third album in a row to hit #1 in US after “The Circle” and “Lost Highway” and their fifth #1 album during their career. The album has sold over 900,000 copies worldwide, going Gold in the UK selling 100,000 copies.
CD includes three bonus tracks.
The Island Def Jam Music Group, 2013 (B0018120-02). Made in USA.

1. Because We Can     4:00
2. I'm With You     3:44
3. What About Now     3:44
4. Pictures Of You     3:58
5. Amen     4:12
6. That's What The Water Made Me     4:25
7. What's Left Of Me     4:35
8. Army Of One     4:34
9. Thick As Thieves     4:57
10. Beautiful World     3:48
11. Room At The End Of The World     5:02
12. The Fighter     4:37
13. With These Two Hands     3:58
14. Into The Echo     5:04
15. Not Running Anymore     4:42
Total playing time:  65:20

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