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ULTIMATUM “Puppet of Destruction - Remastered & Expanded” /CD/

ULTIMATUM “Puppet of Destruction - Remastered & Expanded” /CD/
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Remastered re-release of the second full-length album by the American Christian Thrash Metal band.
If you think you have heard this release from Ultimatum originally released in 1998 on Rowe Productions, think again!! This release has been completely redone and remastered to perfection, with levels adjusted and instruments tweaked; this will be a true pleasure to the ears of Ultimatum fans that have long been asking for this!!!
Re-edition contains three bonus tracks!
Is a feast of true Metal that would satisfy the biggest appetite! Recommended for all Thrash Metal fans, especially for fans of Exodus that like Steve Souza vocal!!
Roxx Records, 1998/2009 (RPCD-ULT2). Made in USA.

1. Never     04:03
2. Mortal Stomp     05:32
3. Scorn     04:45
4. Puppet of Destruction     04:19
5. Gutterbox     05:02
6. Repentance     04:02
7. World of Sin     04:57
8. Crosshope     04:35
9. Conform to Reality     03:26
10. Charged / Power     04:53
Bonus tracks:
11. Never (Demo) 04:01
10. Sins of Omission (Testament cover) 04:41
11. Mortal Stomp '08 05:32
Total playing time: 59:48


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