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KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" + "Flag of Hate" /CD/

KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" + "Flag of Hate" /CD/
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KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" + "Flag of Hate" /CD/ KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" + "Flag of Hate" /CD/

Re-mastered re-release of the second full-length album by the German Thrash Metal legend.
Kreator is one of the three original "Teutonic Thrash" bands. “Pleasure To Kill” shows the bands style of non-stop Thrash with Death Metal characteristics. Every song after the one minute intro "Choir of the Damned" is extremely fast with the usual Thrash style. The singing style on this album reminds somewhat of Chuck Schuldiner's with Death, but maybe a little less Death-Metallish. No cookie munched singing on this album. This album is a solid above average Thrash Metal album. None of the songs on this album stood out as below par for the album, making it a strong album to listen through completely. The riffs are great Thrash riffs on every track and the solos are fast and chaotic, reminding somewhat of Slayer.
"Pleasure to Kill" is widely considered a Thrash classic. It is also considered a landmark album in the history of Thrash Metal along with "Master of Puppets" by Metallica, "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" by Megadeth, "Reign in Blood" by Slayer, "To Mega Therion" by Celtic Frost and "Darkness Descends" by Dark Angel, all released in 1986.
 “Pleasure To Kill” provides sonic carnage, superior material and relentless Metal massacre!!
CD includes remastered version of the "Flag Of Hate" EP as a bonus!!!
Remastered at TTM Mastering Berlin in September 2000.
Noise Records/Modern Music Records,1986/2000/2009 (N 0341-2). Made in Germany.

1.Choir of the Damned 01:41
2.Ripping Corpse 03:36
3.Death Is Your Saviour 03:57
4.Pleasure to Kill 04:10
5.Riot of Violence 04:36
6.The Pestilence 06:57
7.Carrion 04:48
8.Command of the Blade 03:56
9.Under the Guillotine 04:37
10.Flag Of Hate 3:56
11.Take Their Lives 6:27
12.Awakening Of The Gods 7:30


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