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KREATOR “Endless Pain” + “End Of The World” /CD/

KREATOR “Endless Pain” + “End Of The World” /CD/
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Remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by the German Thrash Metal legend.
This was the real beginning of Teutonic Thrash. Never before had a band taken their hatred and violence to such an astounding level. Fast, brutal, and above all, skilled musicianship abounds in this 1985 monster. There's no shortage of menacing riffs and shredding solos, the drumming suffocates, and the guitar and bass obliterate. All of this is possible due to a truly crushing production job. The vocals in particular destroy everything in their path. On this album both Petrozza and Reil share vocal duties. This album has been known to be viewed as a pivotal album to Black Metal bands that enjoy dabbling in Thrash Metal elements, ultimately creating a Thrash-influenced Black Metal sound. Each and every song is worth a listen and no track is weaker than any other. The guitar solos are somewhat atypical for shredders; they are actually highly memorable. Some are fairly long, which in this case is a huge plus. They're extremely intricate and equally deadly and effective. This album's solos are some of the best Thrash has to offer, which is saying a lot in a genre known for its solos. Rob Fioretti deserves major credit for his bass playing. Instead of quietly following the guitar as bass players are prone to do in Metal, he plays fairly loud and independently, sometimes rivaling the guitar itself. The drumming is also very sound. Always precise, always powerful, Ventor redefines just how fast and how well one can play the drums. The instrumentation along with Mille's satanic vocal delivery adds up to a completely devastating listening experience.
"Endless Pain" marks the beginning of a five-album trend of nearly perfect brutal Thrash Metal. From here all the way up to "Coma of Souls", Kreator would make a name for themselves as the head of the Death/Thrash movement!!
Re-edition contains remastered Tormentor’s (that band was called before) “End Of The World” demo 1984 as a bonus!
Noise Records/Modern Music Records, 1985/2000/2009 (N 0340-2). Made in Germany.

1.Endless Pain 03:31
2.Total Death 03:28
3.Storm Of The Beast 05:01
4.Tormentor 02:55
5.Son Of Evil 04:16
6.Flag Of Hate 04:43
7.Cry War 03:45
8.Bonebreaker 02:58
9.Living In Fear 03:12
10.Dying Victims 04:50
Bonus Tracks:
11.Armies Of Hell 05:19
12.Tormentor 02:55
13.Cry War 04:21
14.Bonebreaker 04:02
Total playing time: 55:16


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