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KREATOR "Terrible Certainty" + "Out Of The Dark... Into The Light" /CD/

KREATOR "Terrible Certainty" + "Out Of The Dark... Into The Light" /CD/
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KREATOR "Terrible Certainty" + "Out Of The Dark... Into The Light" /CD/ KREATOR "Terrible Certainty" + "Out Of The Dark... Into The Light" /CD/

Remastered re-release of the third full-length album by the legendary German Thrash Metal band.
Probably the most underrated of all Kreator albums. It follows the trend of many other third albums like Megadeth's “So Far, So Good... So What?”, Destruction's “Release From Agony”, and Overkill's “Under The Influence” that are all underrated and overlooked. “Terrible Certainty” is Kreator's best album after “Pleasure to Kill”. With this album, Kreator proved that they could follow up with the raw “Endless Pain” and the brutal “Pleasure To Kill”. If “Pleasure To Kill” didn't cement them among the Gods of Thrash, this album definitely did! Thrash Metal at its best!!
Remastered at TTM Mastering in Berlin on September 2000.
Re-edition contains remastered "Out Of The Dark ... Into The Light" EP as a bonus!!
Noise/Sanctuary/Modern Music Records, 1987/1988/2000/2009 (4006 03003422 6). Made in Germany.

1.Blind Faith 04:07
2.Storming With Menace 04:25
3.Terrible Certainty 04:28
4.As The World Burns 03:50
5.Toxic Trace 05:32
6.No Escape 05:00
7.One Of Us 04:00
8.Behind The Mirror 04:34
Bonus Tracks:
9.Impossible To Cure 02:40
10.Lambs To The Slaughter 03:33
11.Terrible Certainty 05:31
12.Riot Of Violence 05:39
13.Awakening Of The Gods 07:11
Total playing time: 60:31


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