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URETHRAL DEFECATION “High Human Feelings” /CD/

URETHRAL DEFECATION “High Human Feelings” /CD/
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Debut full-length album by Russian Brutal Death Metal band.
New wave Slamming Brutal Death of Siberia! Music, like Bacillus Anthracic, amaze you after listening to the first track. Leeches guitar riffs will fill your body with the energy that you cannot cope. Accompanied with powerful vocals pigs, your body and mind will rot from the inside. Your imagination will appreciate lyric of the album, that built on the hidden desires of man, which is in everybody ... But not everyone is ready to recognize them in yourself...
For fans of "new" with a "taste" of the old… From Russia with Love!
CD includes OBI.
Ghastly Music, 2013 (GM006/2013). Made in Japan.

1. Intro     00:43
2. Fat Body     04:30
3. Good Whore - Dead Whore     03:59
4. Disfiguring the Child     03:01
5. Godless Creation     03:38
6. My Grandmother     03:01
7. High Human Feelings     02:38
8. Destruction of Humanity     03:11
9. Gutted     02:53
10. I Hate You Kate     04:33
11. Outro     02:23
Total playing time: 34:30


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