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HELLOWEEN "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I" /Ltd. Expanded Edition CD/

HELLOWEEN "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I" /Ltd. Expanded Edition CD/
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First remastered re-release of the second full-length album by the legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
Arguably a blueprint for the Power/Speed Metal scene as a whole, "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I" was a strong album that quite obviously deserves the classic title. Helloween finally got a real singer into the band, letting former vocalist Kai Hansen concentrate more on his guitar playing. Michael Kiske was young and quite adept at hitting the notes that are sure to irritate your household pets. "Keeper" also stepped a bit away from the more Thrashy vibe of "Walls Of Jericho", putting forth a cleaner, slicker version of Helloween. Much can be said about the melodic and exciting dual leads of Hansen and Michael Weikath, especially in "I'm Alive" and "Twilight of the Gods". Even on the pseudo-balladry of "A Tale That Wasn't Right", Helloween is able to avoid schlock cliche. And their signature track "Future World" aptly captures everything Helloween is about: a certain optimism, superbly catchy songwriting and a grand epic feeling. Speaking of epics, "Halloween" isn't quite up to the level of other epic Helloween songs and is a bit of a bear to wade through.
The band originally planned to release "Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part I" and "Part II" as a double album, but their record label refused, insisting that the albums be released separately.
"Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I" shows Helloween at their creative peak and is more necessary in your collection than any current Power Metal album!!
Expanded Edition includes four bonus tracks.
Castle Music/Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., 1987/2006 (CMQCD1178). Made in Germany.

1.Initiation 01:21
2.I'm Alive 03:22
3.A Little Time 04:00
4.Twilight Of The Gods 04:30
5.A Tale That Wasn't Right 04:43
6.Future World 04:02
7.Halloween 13:18
8.Follow The Sign 01:51
Bonus Tracks:
9.Victim Of Fate [Single B-Side] 07:00
10.Starlight [Remix] 04:15
11.A Little Time [Alternative Version] 03:33
12.Halloween [Video Edit] 05:02
Total playing time: 56:57


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