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HELLOWEEN "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" /CD/

HELLOWEEN "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" /CD/
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Expanded Edition re-release of the fourth full-length album by the legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
Album was released in 1991 in the UK and Holland and one year later in Germany, because of the band's conflict with Noise Records. It marked the departure guitarist and band founder Kai Hansen, with Roland Grapow replacing him. Musically it was written with a softer, less epic, and sometimes humorous approach, which would be later fully implemented in the band's following album “Chameleon” (1993).
This is one of Helloween's most essential albums and also the last of their Speed Metal era. Most of the Speed Metal elements have already disappeared but enough is left to call many of the tracks on here Speed Metal. Some people say that losing Kai Hansen also resulted in losing the speed. Weikath however also used to write some uptempo material but on this album he writes one of the slowest songs. The fastest and most heavy songs are written by Kiske and Grapow. Grapow later said in an interview that the songs he wrote for this album were not his own typical style of writing but he was attempting to write Helloween songs. Most of the album is pretty good. It is however cheesier and more polished than the earlier albums and of course this did make a lot of fans frown. The guitars at certain points simply aren’t heavy enough and the use of keyboards on a song like “Number One” is quite obsolete and an extra guitar playing those parts would have made these songs heavier. But hey, some songs are just too damn good or beautiful to ignore here people! The speed and the great guitar work by Weikath and the newly recruited Roland Grapow make this a worthwhile album. Go out and give this album a try. You should not be disappointed. Buy it! Love it!! Like it!!! Own it!!!!
Expanded Edition re-release features four bonus tracks.
Castle Music/Sanctuary Records, 1991/2006 (CMQCD1180). Made in Germany.

1. Pink Bubbles Go Ape 00:37
2. Kids Of The Century 03:51
3. Back On The Streets 03:23
4. Number One 05:13
5. Heavy Metal Hamsters 03:28
6. Goin' Home 03:51
7. Someone's Crying 04:18
8. Mankind 06:18
9. I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy Man 03:39
10. The Chance 03:47
11. Your Turn 05:41
Bonus tracks:
12. Blue Suede Shoes 02:36
13. Shit And Lobster 04:08
14. Les Hambourgeois Walkways 05:47
15. You Run With The Pack 03:54
Total playing time: 60:39 min.

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