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HELLOWEEN "The Time Of The Oath" /Limited Expanded Edition Slipcase 2CD/

HELLOWEEN "The Time Of The Oath" /Limited Expanded Edition Slipcase 2CD/
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7th full-length album by German Power/Speed Metal veterans. = Re-release of the 7th full-length album by the legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
The album is dedicated to the memory of former drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg, who committed suicide the previous year.
Re-edition contains eight bonus tracks!
Castle Music/Sanctuary Records, 1996/2006 (CMQDD1314). Made in UK.

CD 1

1.We Burn 03:06
2.Steel Tormentor 05:42
3.Wake Up The Moutain 05:04
4.Power 03:31
5.Forever And One (Neverland) 03:54
6.Before The War 04:34
7.A Million To One 05:11
8.Anything My Mama Don't Like 03:46
9.Kings Will Be Kings 05:09
10.Mission Motherland 09:02
11.If I Knew 05:31
12.The Time Of The Oath 06:59
CD 2 (bonus tracks)
1.Still I Don't Know 04:13
2.Take It To The Limit 04:04
3.Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover) 04:06
4.Magnetic Fields (Jean Michel Jarre cover) 03:41
5.Rain (Status Quo cover) 04:33
6.Walk Your Way 04:56
7.Light In The Sky 02:35
8.Time Goes By 02:24
Total playing time: 92:01


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