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Tenth full-length album by the legendary British Heavy/Speed Metal/Hard Rock band.
"1916" was Motörhead's first studio album in nearly four years, and their first release on WTG Records after their legal battle with GWR Records was resolved. This is a little different than other Motörhead releases. For one thing, Motörhead has four members on this recording rather than the usual three. For another, this CD is loaded with emotion of all kinds, not just the hellbent-for-leather attitude of previous Motörhead releases. It was an angle the band would continue to use on each album even through today. Everything about this CD screams vintage Motörhead and that means vintage Lemmy: raging music, killer lyrics and attitude in spades. The extra guitar adds a Judas Priest type resonance to the classic Motörhead sound which worked perfectly with Lemmy, Metal's venerable front man, at the mic. "1916" is loaded with power-packed tunes that would make any Motörheader stand up and shout. A few of the surprises herein include some unprecedented, backwards effects and a song dedicated to the legendary Punk band, The Ramones.
The CD's last track is the title song, "1916." Not only does this track show Lemmy's love of history, it also introduced us to a whole another side of Lemmy: a sensitive side. "1916" is the story of a 16 year-old lad who lies about this age in order to enter WWI and the whole ugly mess that is war and its effect on everybody, from the viewpoint of this young soldier. Lemmy Kilmister is simply the best musical storyteller in Rock'n'Roll today and "1916" is still more proof that Motörhead is one of the greatest bands ever!
"1916" reached number 24 in UK charts and number 142 in the US. It was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance at the 1992 Grammys, but lost to Metallica's "Metallica", which was released approximately six months later.
Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Epic/CBS Records/WTG Records, 1991 (467481 2). Made in Austria.

1. The One to Sing the Blues     03:07
2. I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)     03:13
3. No Voices in the Sky     04:12
4. Going to Brazil     02:30
5. Nightmare - The Dreamtime     04:40
6. Love Me Forever     05:27
7. Angel City     03:57
8. Make My Day     04:24
9. Ramones     01:26
10. Shut You Down     02:41
11. 1916     03:45
Total playing time: 39:22


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