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JUDAS PRIEST “Sin After Sin” /CD/

JUDAS PRIEST “Sin After Sin” /CD/
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JUDAS PRIEST “Sin After Sin” /CD/ JUDAS PRIEST “Sin After Sin” /CD/

Remastered re-release of the third full-length studio album by the legendary British Heavy/Speed Metal band.
This is one of the very first Heavy Metal albums and, on its own, isn't the most well-known of the Judas Priest releases. While it was well-received by critics at the time, it did not have the exact same response as "Sad Wings Of Destiny" did before it. Even though it has its flaws, "Sin After Sin" made a major contribution to the development of Heavy Metal and remains an important stepping-stone in the evolution of the genre.
"Sin After Sin" was the band's first album with Columbia Records after their contract with Gull Records was terminated; as a consequence of which they lost all rights to their first two albums "Rocka Rolla" and "Sad Wings Of Destiny", as well as any other demo recordings made during that timeframe. This was the band's last album to feature their original "gothic cursive font" logo, though it was used on later Gull Records reissues of their earlier material.
The album features session drummer Simon Phillips, as the band had recently parted ways with drummer Alan Moore. The album includes a cover of Joan Baez's "Diamonds & Rust", a decision that was encouraged by producer Roger Glover.
It is the first of eleven consecutive Judas Priest albums to be certified Gold by the RIAA.
For fans that grew up with "Painkiller", "Screaming For Vengeance" or even "British Steel", "Sin After Sin" is tough album to appreciate. Even if the songs don’t all stand the test of time, their significance to the development of Heavy Metal cannot be overstated. In 1977, there wasn’t a band out there that questioned the definition of Heavy Metal music like Judas Priest, and the daring and experimental tracks on "Sin After Sin" are the proof!
Re-edition includes two bonus tracks!
Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd., 1977/1987/2001 (502127 2). Made in Austria.

1. Sinner     6:45
2. Diamonds And Rust     3:27
3. Starbreaker     4:49
4. Last Rose Of Summer     5:37
5. Let Us Prey / Call For The Priest     6:13
6. Raw Deal     6:00
7. Here Come The Tears     4:36
8. Dissident Aggressor     3:08
Bonus Tracks:
9. Race With The Devil     3:07
10. Jawbreaker     4:02
Total playing time: 47:44

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