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METALLICA “St. Anger” /CD/

METALLICA “St. Anger” /CD/
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The eighth full-length studio album by legendary American Thrash/Heavy Metal band.
Metallica's first new material in over five years arrived after a flurry of non-musical activity that included a much-publicized spat over Internet file sharing, the departure of bassist Jason Newsted, and a lengthy stay in rehab for James Hetfield that suspended the recording of a new album indefinitely. "St. Anger" is often recognized for being a radical musical departure from Metallica's earlier work; it features a Heavy Metal style, raw production, and no guitar solos.
It was the band's last album released through Elektra, thus marking the end of the longest timespan between studio albums from Metallica, with nearly six years between the release of "Reload" and this album. The album marks the final collaboration between Metallica and producer Bob Rock, whose relationship began with the band's fifth studio album, 1991's "Metallica". It's also the first Metallica album since "Master Of Puppets" that does not feature long-time bassist Jason Newsted. Newsted left the band prior to the initial sessions for the album, leaving Rock to temporarily take his place until a permanent replacement could be found. It is also the first album since "...And Justice For All" to have a title track. Recording of the album initially started on April 23, 2001, but was postponed indefinitely when rhythm guitarist and singer James Hetfield entered rehab for "alcoholism and other addictions". Hetfield returned to the fold in late 2001. Still without a bass player, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and their newly sober frontman recruited longtime producer Bob Rock to man Newsted's spot, and creation of the album commenced in May 2002.
"St. Anger" arrived a year later as a punishing, unflinching document of internal struggle, taking listeners inside the bruised yet vital body of Metallica, but ultimately revealing the alternately torturous and defiant demons that wrestle inside Hetfield's brain. This album is exactly what Metallica needed to make at this point in its career, after clawing its way to the top of the metal scrap heap, reeducating a generation of bands, and popularizing its genre beyond anyone's expectations. "St. Anger" looks inward with a hard eye, and while it finds some grinning demons in that pit, it unearths some of the sickest grooves of Metallica's 20-plus-year lifespan.
"St. Anger" debuted at the top of sales charts in 30 countries, including the US Billboard 200. Upon its release, it met mixed critical reviews and has since gained less favorable reception. In 2004, the album's lead single, "St. Anger", won a Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance". The album was certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA and has sold over 6 million copies worldwide.
CD completed with 28 pages booklet!
Metallica/Vertigo, 2003 (0602498653296). Made in Germany.

1. Frantic     5:50
2. St. Anger     7:21
3. Some Kind Of Monster     8:26
4. Dirty Window     5:25
5. Invisible Kid     8:30
6. My World     5:46
7. Shoot Me Again     7:10
8. Sweet Amber     5:27
9. The Unnamed Feeling     7:09
10. Purify     5:14
11. All Within My Hands     8:48
Total playing time: 75:06

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