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MOTÖRHEAD “March Ör Die” /CD/

MOTÖRHEAD “March Ör Die” /CD/
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The eleventh full-length studio album by the legendary British Heavy/Speed Metal/Hard Rock band.
Encouraged by a new distribution deal through Epic Records and his recent collaboration with old friend Ozzy Osbourne on his wildly successful "No More Tears" album, Lemmy set out to pursue commercial success like never before. Sure, Motörhead had flirted with accessibility before, but with 1992's "March Ör Die", the English legends shed much of their unbridled power and skull-crushing distortion in order to break down the radio barrier once and for all.
Needless to say, it didn't work in attracting new fans, and lukewarm material like "Hellraiser" (in a different version than on "No More Tears" - the song was originally co-written by Lemmy, Zakk Wylde and Ozzy Osbourne for Ozzy Osbourne's "No More Tears" album), the piano- and acoustic guitar-laced "I Ain't No Nice Guy" (a duet with the Ozzman featuring Slash), and a straightforward cover of Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" ("Catch Scratch Fever" in original) had longtime fans gritting their teeth in frustration. Elsewhere, tracks like "Stand", "Bad Religion", and "Too Good to Be True" found Lemmy making a serious effort to transform his trademark croak into actual singing, and only a few numbers ("Name in Vain" or the title track) bear any vague resemblance to the Motörhead of old.
Three drummers participated in the making of this album: Phil Taylor, who was fired after "I Ain't No Nice Guy" was recorded (because he did not learn his drum tracks), Tommy Aldridge who recorded most of the material on this album on a sessional basis only, and Mikkey Dee, who recorded the "Hellraiser" single (the song "Hellraiser" was used as main theme in soundtrack to movie "Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth"; also video clip for this song was made with characters from movie). Another drummer, Garry Bowler (a.k.a. Magpie) worked on the drum track for the demo of "Stand" during a 1991 session in London with Würzel and Phil Campbell.
The album was produced by Peter Solley with the exception of "Hellraiser" which was produced by Billy Sherwood.
Motörhead have never just been the best Rock'n'Roll band in the world. They've never just been the loudest. Or the hardest. Or the toughest. Or the bad-ass-est. No... Motörhead are also a lifestyle! Motörhead are a mindset, a belief, a way to live your life, a way to both survive and beat a society that sometimes seems intent on grinding you down!!
WTG Records/Epic/Sony Music Entertainment Inc., 1992 (WTG 471723 2). Made in Austria.

1. Stand     3:31
2. Cat Scratch Fever     3:53
3. Bad Religion     5:02
4. Jack The Ripper     4:39
5. I Ain't No Nice Guy     4:16
6. Hellraiser     4:37
7. Asylum Choir     3:41
8. Too Good To Be True     3:37
9. You Better Run     4:51
10. Name In Vain     3:06
11. March Ör Die     5:42
Total playing time: 45:41


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