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MOTÖRHEAD “Iron Fist” /CD/

MOTÖRHEAD “Iron Fist” /CD/
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Second CD re-release of the sixth full-length album by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
Another first-rate Motörhead album! "Iron Fist" is the final one to feature the band's classic lineup: Lemmy, "Fast" Eddie Clarke and Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, as guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke left the band on their second US tour due to a conflict with Lemmy..
Released in 1982, "Iron Fist" is mostly distinguished from its predecessors in terms of production, and not favorably. Clarke produced this album himself, whereas industry veterans Jimmy Miller and Vic Maile had respectively manned Motörhead's past four albums. Clarke's production is a bit sterile in comparison, with his guitar in the forefront, sounding slightly more polished than usual. These are minor points, however. "Iron Fist" is a fine Motörhead album, and there's not much at all to complain about here. As usual, the performance is ferocious and there several standout songs ("Iron Fist", "Heart of Stone", "Speedfreak", "[Don't Let 'Em] Grind You Down") amid a strong selection overall. If "Iron Fist" falls a little short of its four-star predecessors, it's still in a class with those albums, at least relative to what would follow in the years to come. Sadly, it was downhill from here for Motörhead, slowly but steadily. Not until the '90s would they reach heights near this again.
Album peaked at No. 6 on the UK album charts. It was preceded by the release of the title track "Iron Fist" as a single on 3 April, which peaked in the UK singles chart at #29.
Re-edition contains five bonus tracks!
Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., 1982/1987/1996/2004 (SMRCD042). Made in Germany.

1. Iron Fist     2:55
2. Heart Of Stone     3:05
3. I'm The Doctor     2:43
4. Go To Hell     3:10
5. Loser     3:57
6. Sex & Outrage     2:11
7. America     3:38
8. Shut It Down     2:42
9. Speedfreak     3:28
10. (Don't Let 'em) Grind Ya Down     3:08
11. (Don't Need) Religion     2:43
12. Bang To Rights     2:44
Bonus Tracks:
13. Remember Me, I`m Gone     2:18    
14. (Don't Let 'em) Grind Ya Down (Alternate Version)     3:10
15. Lemmy Goes To The Pub (Alternate Version Of Heart Of Stone)     3:02
16. Same Old Song, I'm Gone (Alternate Version Of Remember Me, I'm Gone)     2:21
17. Young And Crazy (Instrumental Version Of Sex And Outrage)     2:13
Total playing time: 49:28


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