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MOTÖRHEAD “Sacrifice” /CD/

MOTÖRHEAD “Sacrifice” /CD/
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The thirteenth full-length album by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
Metal bands are supposed to lose their energy and power as they age, but Motörhead stubbornly refused to obey that rule, maintaining their string of tough, enjoyable albums into the mid-'90s. Sacrifice, the band's 1995 effort, doesn't offer anything new, nor does it display a newfound subtlety. It's just straight-ahead, breakneck fast, ear-shatteringly loud Motörhead, with buzzing guitars, near-martial rhythms, and surprisingly catchy hooks!
It is the second and last album to feature the four-man lineup of Lemmy, Phil "Wizzö" Campbell, Würzel, and Mikkey Dee, as Würzel left the band at the end of recording this album.
The title track was used in the movie “Tromeo and Juliet”, a film in which Lemmy appears.
It's a thoroughly engaging and entertaining record from one of the most consistent Metal bands in history!!
Steamhammer/SPV, 1995 (SPV 085-76942). Made in Germany.

1. Sacrifice     3:16
2. Sex & Death     2:02
3. Over Your Shoulder     3:17
4. War For War     3:08
5. Order / Fade To Black     4:02
6. Dog - Face Boy     3:25
7. All Gone To Hell     3:41
8. Make 'em Blind     4:25
9. Don't Waste Your Time     2:32
10. In Another Time     3:09
11. Out Of The Sun     3:43
Total playing time: 36:40


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