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JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders Of The Faith" /CD/

JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders Of The Faith" /CD/
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JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders Of The Faith" /CD/ JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders Of The Faith" /CD/

Remastered re-release of the 9th full-length studio album by British Heavy/Speed Metal legend.
Up until this point in the '80s, Judas Priest was sort of inconsistent with the first two albums in the decade for Priest, being nothing of goodness, they really made up for the first two albums of the decade, with this killer album that rocks you to the core, from beginning to end. Then after this, they put out "Turbo", which blew in every single way possible. In '88, they put out "Ram It Down" which was the prophecy of what was to come for Priest. The '80s was a very interesting decade for Judas Priest and this is by far their best work of not only the '80s, but ever.
This album is the quintessential Judas Priest album, and it definitely deserves more attention than it gets. Every single song on this album has a killer riff, great vocals, great lyrics and just greatness spread throughout! Everyone was on top of their game in this album and from the moment you start this album, it's greatness from beginning to end. Everything about this album is spot on and it really shows what Priest is all about. This album has the perfect blend of heaviness, melodicness, and Metal that only Priest can provide!
Highly recommend to any Metal fan out there that wants something that is old school, has killer riffs and just rocks everything on this Earth to its core. Not only is it the quintessential Judas Priest album, but the quintessential Metal album in general!!
Videos were made for the songs "Freewheel Burning" and "Love Bites."
Re-edition contains two bonus-tracks.
Columbia/Sony Music (UK), 1984/2001 (502134 2). Made in Austria.

1. Freewheel Burning 04:25
2. Jawbreaker 03:27
3. Rock Hard Ride Free 05:35
4. The Sentinel 05:04
5. Love Bites 04:47
6. Eat Me Alive 03:35
7. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll 04:07
8. Night Comes Down 04:01
9. Heavy Duty 02:25
10. Defenders Of The Faith 01:28
Bonus tracks:
11. Turn On Your Light 05:23
12. Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith 05:26
Total playing time: 49:43


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