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MOTÖRHEAD “Rock 'n' Roll” /CD/

MOTÖRHEAD “Rock 'n' Roll” /CD/
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The fourth re-release of the ninth full-length album by the legendary British Heavy/Speed Metal band.
Though they are usually pegged as Heavy Metal, Motörhead are actually a Rock & Roll band in the purest sense. And this aptly titled release reminds you that despite their outrageous speed and ear-shattering distortion, Motörhead tunes have much more in common with Chuck Berry than Black Sabbath.
Rock 'n' Roll renewed commercial hope for Motörhead in the States with Lemmy and company moving to Los Angeles. The fans in the States appeared willing to see this band live and buy their albums whereas Britain is criticized as having lost interest in the band.
With the returned original drummer Philthy Taylor the guys press the pedal to the Metal right at the beginning. The title song easily thrashes your brains out. Turned into a slavering beast, the following tracks sound even better. And they have quite something in them. The snottily thrashed out "Eat The Rich", which also was released as a maxi-single, more than convinces through an ultra fat lead guitar and the super great lyrics of Lemmy. Also the rest of the songs provide you with a mega fat grin.
It was the first appearance of band's four-piece line-up of: Lemmy, Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, Würzel and Phil Campbell, which lasted from 1987 until 1992.
There is a hidden track (01:02) before "The Wolf" where Monty Python legend Michael Palin provides some narration. Also re-edition includes two bonus tracks.
Total musthave for every Metalhead in the world!!
Sanctuary Midline/Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., 1987/1997/2004 (SMRCD067). Made in UK.

1. Rock'n'Roll 3:49
2. Eat the Rich 4:34
3. Blackheart 4:03
4. Stone Deaf in the USA 3:40
5. The Wolf 3:28
6. Traitor 3:17
7. Dogs 3:48
8. All for you 4:10
9. Boogeyman 3:07

Bonus Tracks:
10. Cradle to the Grave 4:05
11. Just 'cos you got the Power 7:30
Total playing time: 45:31


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