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MOTÖRHEAD “Motörhead” /CD/

MOTÖRHEAD “Motörhead” /CD/
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First remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by the legendary British Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band.
Before forming Motörhead, Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister could boast of having been a member of Space Rock cowboys Hawkwind and a career in horsebreaking. He was also, to top it all, the son of a vicar. Having been expelled from his former employers after a disagreement with border guards over the contents of his luggage (it was drugs), he took the name for his new band from the final song he'd written for Hawkwind.
Together with Larry Wallis of the Pink Fairies and drummer Philthy "Animal" Taylor, Motörhead recorded a debut album that was rejected by United Artists Records, though it was eventually released as "On Parole" in 1979. As a result, the band expanded with the addition of "Fast" Eddie Clarke on guitar. Wallis then left after just one rehearsal, leaving the classic Motörhead line-up in shape for their debut proper. Rock & Roll had never heard the like. Though only a minor chart success, Motörhead patented the band's style: Lemmy's rasping vocal over a speeding juggernaut of guitar, bass and drums. Motörhead, conversely, returned mainstream Rock to its most brutal base elements - no wonder the punks liked them.
Certainly "Motorhead" and "Iron Horse" are considered Motörhead classics, while songs such as "Vibrator" and "Lost Johnny" are but two examples of how few have lived the sex, drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle more than Lemmy. Still, few of these songs really stand out, and there's nothing especially innovative about them, either, as most could easily be labeled "classic Rock" except the band is louder, faster, and flat out uglier than anything you're likely to hear on the radio. Both Punk and Metal camps embraced the band's ballsy, no holds barred brand of Rock 'n' Roll, but Lemmy would have none of that, as then and now he catered to no camp and simply made Motörhead music, which nobody else makes. Motörhead introduces everyone to the Motörhead sound, and quite a thrilling sound it often is, though that sound and especially the band's songs would soon show a marked improvement.
Ace Records Ltd., 1977/1980/1988/2001 (CDWIKM 2). Made in UK.

1. Motorhead 3:11
2. Vibrator 3:36
3. Lost Johnny 4:13
4. Iron Horse / Born To Lose 5:20
5. White Line Fever 2:37
6. Keep Us On The Road 5:55
7. The Watcher 4:26
8. The Train Kept A Rollin' 3:16
9. City Kids 3:23

Bonus Tracks:
10. Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers 3:25 
11. On Parole 5:58
12. Instro 2:27
13. I'm Your Witch Doctor 3:01
Total playing time: 50:48

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