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AABSYNTHUM "Non Forms… Regressus Ad Originem" /CD/

AABSYNTHUM "Non Forms… Regressus Ad Originem" /CD/
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The debut full-length album by the Romanian Funeral Doom Metal band.
Funeral Doom project, stripped to the bone, crushing and dark, following a basic well-known recipe, but ultimately, being good at it!
Selfreleased/distributed by Silent Time Noise Records, 2009. Pressed in Russia.

1. Mon Etat I 01:18
2. Non Forms... 09:02
3. Ethica... Being and Time 08:39
4. Idiopathy 11:30
5. Plumb 10:03
6. Mon Etat II 01:47
Total playing time: 42:19

ЦЕНА: 3.90 €
Вес: 0.15 Kg

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