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HEAVY LOAD "Death Or Glory" /CD/

HEAVY LOAD "Death Or Glory" /CD/
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First re-release on CD of the second full-length album by the Swedish Heavy/Power Metal band.
Heavy Load was formed in 1976, as a trio, by the two brothers Ragne (vocals and guitar) and Styrbjörn Wahlquist (vocals and drums), together with bassist Michael Backlund. In 1977 they recorded their debut-album "Full Speed At High Level", with Dan Molén on bass. The album was released in 1978, but the record company, Heavy Sound Records, went bankrupt after a while, and the Wahlquist brothers formed their own label, Thunderload Records. Former Highbrow guitarist Eddy Malm joined the line-up, and Torbjörn Ragnesjö replaced Dan Molén. This line-up released the EP "Metal Conquest" and the second full-length album "Death Or Glory".
Staying the course set by the previous year's "Metal Conquest" EP, Heavy Load's second album confirmed band's rebirth as a token Euro-Metal band for the 1980s; which in essence made them guilty of the same, all-purpose riff mongering and lyrical futility as, say, the Scorpions and Krokus, and some of the more traditional New Wave of British Heavy Metal acts like Saxon and Blitzkrieg. If anything, they were ahead of the '80s heavy metal curve, for what that's worth! Furthermore, Heavy Load had definitely become a stronger proposition with the recent addition of vocalist/guitarist Eddy Malm, who was hardly Ronnie James Dio, but certainly helped take some of the pressure off the band's other, similarly limited co-vocalist/guitarist, Ragne Wahlquist.
"Death Or Glory" is arguably Heavy Load's finest hour, and it represented another brick for the house of Swedish Heavy Metal!!
Thunderload Records, 1982/1994 (TLCD-8822). Made in Sweden. Used: very good.

1. Heavy Metal Angels (In Metal And Leather) 4:03
2. Might For Right 3:25
3. Something New 4:30
4. Bleeding Streets 3:45
5. The Guitar Is My Sword 4:30
6. Take Me Away 4:22
7. Trespasser 3:54
8. Still There Is Time 4:26
9. Traveller 5:15
10. Little Lies 4:31
11. Daybreak Ecstasy 5:08
Total playing time: 47:49

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