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KREATOR "Hordes Of Chaos - Ultra Riot" /Special Edition 2CD Box Set/

KREATOR "Hordes Of Chaos - Ultra Riot" /Special Edition 2CD Box Set/
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KREATOR "Hordes Of Chaos - Ultra Riot" /Special Edition 2CD Box Set/ KREATOR "Hordes Of Chaos - Ultra Riot" /Special Edition 2CD Box Set/

Special Edition re-release of the twelfth full-length album by the legendary German Thrash Metal.
It has been described as their most organic album to date because barring vocals, guitar solos and some melodies, the album was recorded in a live setting on an analog tape recorder with few overdubs. Mille Petrozza noted that this was the first time they have recorded an album this way since “Pleasure to Kill” in 1986. The immediately striking thing about “Hordes Of Chaos” is how wildly aggressive it is compared to the last two albums. While its recent predecessors were undoubtedly punishing, this album is unrelentingly brutal.
From here on out, Kreator lay waste to everything in their path, including those that believed Kreator would never again sound as passionate as they did in their youth. The guitar work is undeniably amazing. The guitar solos are like battles and as each solo winds down, the band take off at lightning speed, hitting the ground running each time with a sinister force and precision that comes only with age.
Overall, this is easily Kreator’s best of the new millennium. For that matter it’s also better than most of what they did during the 90s, when they were experimenting themselves out of the consciousness of metal fans. "Hordes Of Chaos" is a shining example of why tradition is going to force you to pay attention in 2009. This was the first Kreator album to chart in the United States, debuting at number 165 on the Billboard 200 chart in the US, with first week sales of approximately 2800 copies.
Steamhammer/SPV, 2009/2010 (SPV 91978 Box). Made in Germany.

1. Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite) 5:04
2. Warcurse 4:10
3. Escalation 3:24
4. Amok Run 4:13
5. Destroy What Destroys You 3:13
6. Radical Resistance 3:43
7. Absolute Misanthropy 3:37
8. To The Afterborn 4:53
9. Corpses Of Liberty 0:56
10. Demon Prince 5:17

Bonus Video:
11. Hordes Of Chaos 5:04
12. Destroy What Destroys You 3:13

1. Hordes Of Chaos (Demo Version) 5:13
2. Radical Resistance (Demo Version) 3:49
3. To The Afterborn (Demo Version) 5:57
4. World Without Religion (Demo Version Of "Escalation" - Different Arrangement) 3:50
5. Amok Run (Demo Version) 4:20
6. Alle Gegen Alle (Demo Version - Slime Cover Featuring Nagel Und Thees Uhlmann) 2:49
7. You Are The Government (Demo Version - Bad Religion Cover) 1:11
Total playing time: 73:56

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