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ULVER “Wars Of The Roses” /Ltd. Deluxe Digibook CD/

ULVER “Wars Of The Roses” /Ltd. Deluxe Digibook CD/
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The tenth full-length album by the cult Norwegian Ambient/Avant-garde band.
Early pioneers of Norwegian Black Metal, the band have continually evolved throughout their career and now stand as living legends of the Dark music industry, blending Rock, Electronica, symphonic and chamber traditions along with Noise and experimental music to create ground-breaking material. 
There is an amorphous Blackened mass in the universe where resonance from the worlds of Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Genesis, and science fiction movie soundtracks collide. It is in that murky cloudscape where Norway’s Ulver makes its home. “Wars Of The Roses” is a journey through the dark; a spatial exploration into the gloom of soul and emotive experience. Through incredibly expressive instrumentation and expansive, aural expository discourse, Ulver lures you, the listener, to undergo an out-of-body, out of mind transcendental encounter with infinity. One moment, the band emulates the subversive gentle moodiness of 1970s Progressive Rock, and in the next, it unleashes an instrumental soundscape of swirling Electro-Ambient chaos, transforming tranquility into terror right before your ears. And yet, beneath the atmos-fear is an earnestness; a romantic sensibility that compels you to remain rapt until the album’s conclusion – a 15-minute apocalyptic tone poem, a Prog-Rock Experiment, a Post-Metal nightmare, and an expression of metaphysical musical freedom.
The album entered the Norwegian national album charts at Number 17, based on sales from one day alone, holding up for two subsequent weeks. It also entered the Finnish national album charts at Number 30 where it held up for one week.
Quite beautiful record of startlingly powerful depth!
Kscope/Jester Records, 2011 (KSCOPE169/TRICK047). Made in EU. First press.

1. February MMX 4:10
2. Norwegian Gothic 3:55
3. Providence 8:12
4. September IV 4:40
5. England 3:57
6. Island 6:05
7. Stone Angels 14:53
Total playing time: 45:52


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