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ARALLU “Satanic War In Jerusalem 666” /CD/

ARALLU “Satanic War In Jerusalem 666” /CD/
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Re-release of the second full-length album by Israeli Black/Death Metal band.
Originally called “Satanic War In Jerusalem” (without "666") this album is light-years better than the first one. This time around, Arallu has got a real drummer, and he's good. The dull thud of the kick drums sounds cool, as does the use of two different snares. The music is way slowed down compared to before, but still gets you going. There's a lot of emphasis on more traditional Heavy Metal/Thrash riffing that's very catchy and enjoyable here. If you took Absu, but slowed it down and made it less technical (and insane), you'd have a pretty good idea what "Satanic War In Jerusalem" has to offer.
The vocals are done in a mid-range, raspy tone, while the music harkens back to the 80's. The music has a good bit of Celtic Frost laced throughout, but the drumming is taken up a notch, and the riffage is faster. Another influence is the mighty Slayer. Case in point, the Araya-esque shriek that kicks off "Evil Has No Boundaries". In fact, much of the guitarwork is in the Slayer style, but slowed up 25-50%. A few songs also start off Sabbath-style: with slow and heavy groove.
The production is pretty clear, particularly for a little-known Black Metal act. It's good to see bands not getting caught up in this minimalist business.
Re-edition features new cover art and seven bonus tracks from “At War Against God!” EP 2001!
Raven Music, 2002/2011. Made in Israel. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played there are light visual shabby on the disc surface (happened during transit) that will not affect the sound quality.

1. The Sons Of Darkness 
2. Jewish Devil 
3. Evil Has No Boudaries (Slayer Cover) 
4. Arallu`s Rage
5. Religions Are Dead
6. War Of The Genii
7. King Of Bloodcave
8. Jerusalem Gates 
9. The Butchered Attacks Again
10. Mesopotamia Story

Bonus Tracks:
11. Act Of War
12. Attack!!!
13. At War Against God!
14. War Of The Genii
15. Religions Are Dead
16. Jewish Devil
17. King Of Bloodcave


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