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HELLOWEEN “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/

HELLOWEEN “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/
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HELLOWEEN “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/ HELLOWEEN “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/

Special Edition second re-release of the tenth full-length album by the legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
This album is something of a return to roots for the band. It combines many old classic Helloween elements with newer sounds and modern production. After the controversial release of “The Dark Ride”, according to Grosskopf, "The record company also wanted us to show that were are back. It's more of that 'happy happy Helloween' direction. It shows that this album is not a sequel to “The Dark Ride”".
This is the first Helloween album to feature Sascha Gerstner on guitars, who replaced Roland Grapow. No drummer is listed in the band line-up for this album. Mark Cross was hired for the position before recording, but only managed to complete two tracks ("Don't Stop Being Crazy" and "Listen to The Flies") before being forced to leave due to illness. Mikkey Dee of Motörhead played on the rest of the songs on a session basis.
After well over a dozen albums, Helloween still has an impressive knack for grafting memorably anthemic choruses over full-throttle Power Metal. What's more, their quieter, more melodic moments never dissolve into schmaltzy sentimentality (a mistake made too often by the band's many followers); the ballad "Don't Stop Being Crazy" has a certain pathos without being corny. The band's chops are in top form on "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" (aided by moonlighting Motörhead skinsman Mikkey Dee), but the quality of the songs is what leaves the strongest impression! This unusually titled album is a work in pride, power, and phallic outbursts. "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" shares many similarities with their excellent "Master Of The Rings" comeback in 1994, possessing that pent up passion and hostility that lacked since their "Keeper" days, commanding respect and admiration at once. They've been on a steady roll since then, maintaining the consistency of melody, speed and complexity and epic quality to the music with slight variations and risk taking freshness. "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" thus takes its rightful place among the many Helloween successes!!
"Do You Feel Good" was originally written during the sessions for “The Dark Ride”, but would not be recorded until the “Rabbit Don't Come Easy”.
Special Edition re-release features three bonus tracks, including covers of Accept and Queen (with the band's new drummer, Stefan Schwarzmann)!!!
Nuclear Blast Records, 2003/2013 (NB 3279-0). Made in Germany.

1. Just A Little Sign 4:26
2. Open Your Life 4:30
3. The Tune 5:35
4. Never Be A Star 4:10
5. Liar 4:55
6. Sun + The World 3:55
7. Don't Stop Being Crazy 4:21
8. Do You Feel Good 4:22
9. Hell Was Made In Heaven 5:33
10. Back Against The Wall 5:44
11. Listen To The Flies 4:52
12. Nothing To Say 8:27

Bonus Tracks:
13. Far Away 4:18
14. Fast As A Shark (cover Accept) 3:45
15. Sheer Heart Attack (cover Queen) 3:31
Total playing time: 72:24


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