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HELLOWEEN “The Dark Ride” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/

HELLOWEEN “The Dark Ride” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/
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HELLOWEEN “The Dark Ride” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/ HELLOWEEN “The Dark Ride” /Ltd. Special Edition Digipack CD/

Special Edition second re-release of the ninth full-length album by the legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
The album's style was quite different from "Better Than Raw" as it had a much darker sound, very tuned down guitars, and gruffer vocals. The album was produced by renowned figures Roy Z and Charlie Bauerfeind. It is also the last studio album to feature guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch, both of whom were fired after completion of the supporting tour for the album. They went on to form the band Masterplan.
After a surprising resurgence following 1996's "The Time Of The Oath", Helloween continued to expand and enrich their patented Power Metal, and while 2000's "The Dark Ride" might lack some of the youthful exuberance of the band's seminal '80s recordings, there are still many fine songs and fiery performances to be appreciated on this late-career gem from Helloween. While the extreme guitar solos and overall precision of "The Dark Ride" will surely capture the ears of first-time listeners, it's the massive production and songwriting cohesiveness that will hook Metal fans of discerning taste.
Standouts include the detuned "I Live for Your Pain" with its inventive riffing and the epic closers "Immortal (Stars)" and "The Dark Side". Throughout "The Dark Ride", and on the last two cuts especially, Helloween proves their historic value by delivering a critical combination that Metal bands generally fail to even approximate: that is, high melodicism and sonic excess combined to form a kind of power through isolation. Difficult to explain perhaps, but Metal fans know it when they hear it, and they hear it often when listening to Helloween. While not the best this band has to offer, "The Dark Ride" is still better than nine out of ten Metal discs in any subgenre, from any era!!
The album contains two singles, which are "If I Could Fly" and "Mr. Torture".
Special Edition re-release features three bonus tracks, including covers of Accept and Queen!!!
Nuclear Blast Records, 2000/2013 (NB 3264-0). Made in Germany.

1. Beyond The Portal 0:45
2. Mr. Torture 3:27
3. All Over The Nations 4:54
4. Escalation 666 4:24
5. Mirror Mirror 3:43
6. If I Could Fly 4:09
7. Salvation 5:42
8. The Departed (Sun Is Going Down) 4:36
9. I Live For Your Pain 3:59
10. We Damn The Night 4:06
11. Immortal 4:04
12. The Dark Ride 8:48

Bonus Tracks:
13. The Madness Of The Crowds 4:12
14. Deliver Us From Temptation 4:55
15. If I Could Fly (Single Edit) 3:29
Total playing time: 65:13


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